I got wind of this rating over at Nashville Fashion Blog (Check it out, the blog is great!). Apparently GQ Magazine rated 40 cities in America and Nashville landed at number 39. Mind you, Nashville is not the best dressed city in the nation – we could do without the those graphic t-shirts with crosses on the back and ‘designer’ jeans with rhinestones on the pockets. But that article sent a venous amount of slander to our fair city:

Even in 2011, Nashville makes it clear who won the battle between the cowboys and the Indians. Here, boots replace dress shoes—and, in some extreme cases, sneakers. (source)

Really? Then they had the nerve to post a picture of Billy Ray Cyrus, back before Miley was born! Really?

I started this blog, as way for people to see how fashionable and fashion forward Nashville had become. When I arrived from Massachusetts, I often found myself defending Nashville’s fashion sense to my hometown friends. In the 10+ years I’ve lived in Nashville, I have the glory of seeing the city transform to a very fashion forward place; Young designers, fashionable socialites, and fab bloggers work hard to make sure our city stay fly. Top it off with the fact that Nashville hosted a FASHION WEEK that garnered rave reviews!

After reading the GQ article, I noticed the authors were using generalizations when describing the 40 Worst Dressed cities. Generalizations can make it hard to find the true meaning of the topic at hand. However if you chose to visit Nashville, please pass the plain fashions of the 2nd avenue tourists and walk into the cafes and music venues, you’ll see the people who make Nashville fashionable and hip.

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