Style File: Tracee Ellis Ross, Our Go-to Girlfriend!

This week’s style file fashionista is Tracee Ellis Ross. Tracee is the dynamic daughter of Diana Ross. She is an actress who best known for her role as Joan on much loved series Girlfriends. It was on this show that fans realized Tracee had an edge for fashion. Her character, a lawyer turned restaurant proprietor, dressed urban chic. The character regular office clothes and making them runway worthy.  In addition, Tracee’s personal style was translated in her character’s casual ensembles. Just a sidenote, Girlfriends was the first television show (I know of) where the characters wore Louboutin pumps and shoes.

Aside from Tracee’s awesome style her beautiful looks and charm are what made her fan favorite on the small screen. Ladies love her luscious natural curls and guys remark on her awesome curves. Tracee is one star who knows how to dress for her shape. She tiptoes the line of sexy vs. classy and always remains flawlessly stylish and feminine. Tracee is not afraid of color nor is she afraid to try a new trend – that’s the mark of a true fashion diva.

Promo pic for Reed Between the Lines, BET

This fall, Tracee will star in a new sitcom called Reed Between the Lines with sitcom alum, Malcom Jamal-Warner. I’m sure her clothing selections will bring fashion life back to the small screen. For now, let’s take a look at some of Tracee’s fabulous fashion choices:

Promo pic for Jet Magazine

At a Chanel event in 2008

This pic gives me so much life! Tracee is photo’d arriving at a Vanity Fair event.

Bringing color and shape to the maxi-dress trend.

Peep those purple peep-toes! What an interesting color-block combo!

Loving the shape of her curls and the pattern of this dress.

Tracee looks eclectic and fun in this silver frock and menswear inspired slacks.

Most recently, Tracee arrived at the BET Awards in this body-con dress. Fabulous!

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