Fashion Forum: What to wear to Fashion’s Night Out?

Usually, Thursdays are reserved for the Shoe of the Day, but this week I decided to give you a bit of HOW TO dress for Fashion’s Night Out. A couple weeks ago, I designed these two sets for a Fashion’s Night Out contest sponsored by Vogue. I didn’t win, but I thought, why no share these sets with my FAB readers.

Anytime there’s a fashion event, you get the privilege to go above and beyond in your style choices. Why not tonight? Check out the sets below to get some FNO inspiration.

Fashion Night Out #1

Living in Nashville, the weather says summer, but the calendar says fall, so you have to be tactful in how you mix your wardrobe pieces. Above we have a casual style mixing summer time effects with fall textiles. You can swap the shorts with boyfriend jeans, or swap the booties with suede flats.

Fashion's Night Out #2

Above we have a night time look – this is more cocktail party, or if you just feel like being fancy, rock it tonight! These pieces are simple, yet effective.

I hope you have a great FNO tonight. Click the link below for FNO EVENT INFO near you!

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