TREND ALERT: Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Oh-kay – If you haven’t glanced at a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita then you may be living under a rock. These shoes have become come the Jordans of the urban/hipster fashion world. The Lita debuted late last year. The shoe did so well that Jeff and the crew started designing more shoes with a variety of fabrics and (shown below).

The Lita

Truth be told, I’m a bit late posting this shoe trend. But, it’s because I really don’t like the shoe. However, my job is to post trends and not be biased. In addition, I’ve seen the Lita in person and it’s quite an eye-catcher. Word on the streets says: For a shoe with a 4.5 inch heel and a 1.5 inch platform, it’s actually quite comfy. I’ve seen many fashionistas make this show look kinda good.Plus, the shoe is quite affordable, starting at $150! .


Check out Fab Friend, Zarna Surti from; her outfit is fly. So what’s your verdict? Are you in love with the Lita or are you on the fence? Let me know in the comments section! FYI: the Lita is available at Nordstrom in Green Hills Mall!

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