SHOES: Super Trash Red Leopard Boots

Oh yeah, fall is back! You know I’m happy about it. What I’m most happy about is leopard print being back for another season. You read right, if you brought some leopard print items last year, you can bring them back this year. I love that 2011’s version of leopard print is becoming so creative. That’s why I was so happy to find these awesome red leopard boots. This is the type of shoe that is a showpiece to your collection. It’s your job to ‘make it work’ – lol.
This week’s outfit was fun to create. I was actually inspired by choreographer, Laurie Ann Gibson. She’s the choreographer for Lady Gaga and has two reality shows, The Dance Scene on E! and Born to Dance on BET. After watching those shows, I realized, Laurie Ann has a cool style. She’s very fearless in her approach to combining pieces one wouldn’t think to combine.
So, I took a scaled down approach to the look Laurie Ann is sporting above. What do you think? Would you rock the red leopard booties?
Fetch My Lunch

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