Last Night in Nashville: Darnell Levine Show 9/27

After I left the CRAVE Nashville event, I hustled on over to 12th & Porter to the Darnell Levine ‘Small Rooms’ tour. 
If you didn’t know, Darnell is in LA recording music for his new project coming in 2012. So, he decided to do a mini-tour for promotions and fan fun.
Darnell took to his keyboard to entertain the crowd with covers of popular tunes from the radio, a couple of new songs, and some Darnell Levine classics. As always, the show was big fun as Darnell has great crowd interaction. When you go to a Darnell Levine concert you can expect to sing-along and laugh . . . alot!
 The new addition to Darnell’s show was the live DJ. Darnell played the keys as DJ ALWAYS hit the vinyl. He mixed and scratched intros, outros, and funny quips while Darnell sang. The whole concept was quite nice. Hearing Darnell’s versions of current hip hop tracks (Drake’s ‘Headlines’, Lil Wayne’s ‘How to Love’, and Big Sean’s ‘My Last) brought life to songs that had become limp from too many radio spins.
 In addition, Jason Eskridge and J & Tiff  (The Light) performed – all sounding great.
Of Course you know the Fab Crew had a great time! I love living in Nashville, there’s always something to do!

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