Fashion News: Kanye West debuts his first fashion collection

“The biggest hurdle I had to face is the celebrity designer or the hip-hop designer concept,” he said backstage. “This is my first collection. Please be easy. Please give me a chance to grow . . . .”

This weekend, Kanye West, debuted his first women’s line in Paris for Spring/Summer 2012. The line, affectionately titled Dw (after his mother Donda West) was a mix of couture dresses, sportswear, and casual pieces. As with anything Kanye creates, there was lots of criticism, good and bad.

Looking at Kanye’s designs I was reminded of the Olson Twins’ first launch of their now successful line, Elizabeth & James. I knew it was designed by the Olsen’s, it definitely had their asthetic, but it just wasn’t ‘there’ yet. Same thing with Kanye. I can surely see Kanye all over these clothes. Why? When he was dating his muse, Amber Rose, he dressed her like this.

Kanye has an eye  for a woman’s shape and he has a trend inducing asthetic. I wised he would have debuted this line for Fall 2012 – there were lots of fall looks. What I did love, were the shoes! If he falls back from clothing, he can definitely stay in the shoe game. Below are my favorite looks from the line. Take a look and tell me what you think:

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