CelebStyle: Beyonce’s on top with Harper’s Bazaar cover and new video teaser

 Wow! Beyonce is doing more things as a pregnant woman than most artists do in a year! I guess she’s making sure her maternity leave won’t leave fans wondering who’s the best in the game. Gosh, this girl is a machine!
Above Beyonce poses for the Novemeber issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Shot by celebrity photographer, Terry Richardson, Beyonce is all glowing in sequins, bodysuits, and fringe. She even lets the baby bump get some shine!
Click the link to see more photos from the shoot and the video teaser for Beyonce’s new single, “Love on Top”!

On Saturday night, Team Queen Bey released the teaser for her new video, “Love on Top”. Two videos in two weeks!? Wow! I thought “Countdown” would be my fave video from the new project, but “Love on Top” seems like it’s gonna be my fave. Take look as Beyonce uses New Edition’s classic dance steps!

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