The Cosby Show and quirky sweaters

Remember Rudy’s dinosaur sweater?

Do you feel it, the briskness (is that a word?) in the air? The days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing, and Starbucks has brought back their spicy type lattes! Fall is here! Of course we gotta talk Fall trends and quirky sweaters, also known in the fashion circles as graphic knits, are the rage this year.

Of course, this trend is a sincere throwback to the best tv show ever – The Cosby Show! That show enhanced the style of households around the country. Everyone had their favorite Cosby character – you were either, Rudy, Denise, Vanessa, or Theo. Those kids were the coolest and their clothes showed it. Head costume designer, Sarah Lemire, was given a $3000 clothing budget for each show and often dressed the characeters in Missoni, Matsuda, Perry Ellis, and Calvin Klien. In an 1987 article, Lemire stated why she started the sweater trend for Mr. Cosby and styled the characters so eclectically –

”Foremost, Bill Cosby wanted the clothes to be interesting,” says Lemire, sitting in her clothing-packed office at the Queens, N.Y., studios where the show is shot. ”The clothes definitely had to convey New York and that this was a show set largely in the fall and winter. And Bill wanted people to talk about the clothing.” (source)

So let’s get to this trend. Graphic knits aka quirky sweaters are best worn like Vanessa is wearing it, pictured above – layered and close fitting, graphic knits work well the finishing piece to a basic outfit – jeans, slacks, maybe even cut-off shorts or leggings. The brighter the colors, the better the style. The more random the designs, the more original your look becomes. This is definitely a trend you can make your own. So have fun!

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