#TSUHomecoming2011 – What to wear and where to go?

It’s Tennessee State University homecoming week! WHOO! Well, if you are not familiar, homecoming week at your local college or university is a big deal. Take it up a couple notches when you attend homecoming for a historically black college/university (HBCU) – we party HARD! Anyone who’s attending one of these events knows it’s all about how you dress and what party you plan to attend.

The key to dressing for homecoming events is to be trendy, chic, and comfortable. You are gonna be out all day and most of the night. More importantly, you are gonna see lots of people you haven’t seen in a long time – make sure your dressed for each occasion and you are comfortable with your look. Click on my style guide above for more tips.

For TSU Homecoming 2011, I fully recommend all Lovenoise sponsored events this weekend:

To help you dress for the parties, I’ve styled two outfits. Take a look at the outfits I’ve created for this weekend’s events. Go all out with lots of fun accessories, awesome shoes, and comfortable yet fun items.



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