Fashion Forum: Can we kill Polo and Ugg Boots?

I’ve been rolling this topic around for a couple of weeks – I want to kill the Polo and Ugg boots trend. I’ve killed alot of trends since this blog started (Capri Pants, Feather Earrings, Old Navy Flip Flops), but I feel the Polo and Ugg boot trend is gonna be a hard one to stop. Why? Because, I have no other options to give people. So, let’s start with why I hate Polo and Ugg Boots, shall we?

Like all trends, that I tend to kill on this blog, Polo Boots are just over-saturated. Although I posted two styles of Polo Boots, the one above annoy me the most. This half rainboot, half high-top construction boot just seems like a confused statement to me. Then, the other style, with the half Sperry, half high-top construction boot is just as bad. Then there’s the buckle that makes no sense. What is this buckle securing? I’d love to know what was the real meaning behind these boots.

On top of that, only a small percent of guys (and some girls) know how to rock these boots. From skinny jeans to extra baggy jeans, there’s just no getting around the atrociusness of these confused boots. Of course, being from up north, I’d recommend a traditional Timberland construction boot, but I know all guys don’t know how to rock this style. I don’t even know any celebs who rock these things, so the reason why they still exist is beyond me.

Uggs . .oh man, where do I start. Since Uggs hit the scene in the early 2000’s I’ve always thought they were ugly. Why would any woman want to wear a boot that makes her feet look like she has an elephant foot? Oh, they’re comfortable? Oh, ok. That’s not enough.

Then you ladies want to wear them all year long with shorts and mini skirts and all that, and I’m supposed to take that? Naw, partna. There’s no specific reason for these shoes in anyone’s life. Have you seen them when they get wet and start rocking to the side? So unattractive!

And then Oprah, decided to make the sparkly ones her ‘Favorite Thing’ – I was so upset. Now ladies are walking around with sparkly elephant feet. I haven’t met one guy that likes to see their lady in these boots. No one!

Soooo – – – like I stated earlier, I have no options or alternatives for you. At one point neither of these boots existed, so may be one day, both will fade away. For now, just try, be original, and find an alternative.

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