Fashion Forum: What to wear on New Year’s Eve 2011

It’s that time! New Year’s Eve is upon us and the questions are coming in on what to wear for the big day. Personally, my friends and I are doing the ‘tourist’ thing for New Year’s Eve. We are eating dinner at a fancy restuarant and going to downtown Nashville for the block party which features fireworks and a guitar drop. However, I know some of you are going to host parties and/or attend parties so you need outfit inspirations. Well I got ya! Check below for three inspirations to help your find your way.

Hostess with the Most-est!

First up, is for the hostess with the most! This casual yet cool outfit will have all your guests saying wow, but allowing you to mix and mingle with the crowd. Although, this outfit features a Dolce & Gabbana skirt and Louboutin boots, you can flip this style with more affordable elements.

Dusk til Dawn

Next up, we have the girl who is gonna party hop. Whether it’s from bar to bar, church to church, or house to house, this girl is dressed for the weather and styled all together. Layers are the key to her success as well as sturdy yet stylish boot, sparkly purse, and cooly colored nails. She is ready to got from dusk til dawn!

Club Cutie

Last up is the classic party dressing. While everyone may go with the very on-trend sequins dress, this girl is making it easy by sprucing up her little black dress with sparly shoes, a tuxedo jacket, and lots of jewels. Easy way to do New Years Eve! I hope this helps and I hope you have an awesome entrance into 2012! Stay FAB!!!

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