NASHVILLE SHOPPING: Sears in Hickory Hollow closing

Geesh! This is another low-blow for the Hickory Hollow Mall in Nashville. Sears Holding Corporation released a list of store closures and the store that anchors the mall is on the list. In addition, Kmart in Hendersonville, owned by Sears Holding Corp is slated to to close as well.

But, let’s focus on the Hickory Hollow Mall. I had high hopes for this location coming back to life after the floods in May 2009. There is a definite need for retail shopping in the south Nashville area. However, every time I visit the Hickory Hollow mall, another store is closing it’s doors. I can’t help but wonder what could we have done, as shoppers, to keep this mall alive?

There have been rumblings about what will become of the Hickory Hollow location when the final store closes its doors. Some people have petitioned for the location to become an education hub – a sort of satellite location for Tennessee State University, the Nashville Public Library, and/or various healthcare venues. This idea has the potential to bring more retailers to the area and give a needed boost of morale to an area that is dying slowly to retail shopping.

What’s your view? Should Hickory Hollow Mall close its doors forever, or should residents and shoppers petition for stores to return to the location?

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