EVENT: What to wear to Stellar Award Week 2012

The good thing about living in Nashville is the amazing amount of music that surrounds us. Nashville is known for conutry music but our nickname, “The Music City”, actually comes from Nashville’s deep rooted spiritual chior scene – specifically the Fisk University Jubilee Singers. That’s why Stellar Award week is so important in our city.

The Stellar awards celebrates the best and brightest in gospel music. It’s also a great fashion event. Artists and fans from around the conuntry come to the event to mix, merge, and network. This is the best time for the fans to wear their flyest clothes while they meet their favorite gospel celebs.

Below I’ve assembled several outfits you can wear to various Stellar Award events. Take a look:

ASCAP Breakfast

For those of you fortunate enough to attend the Annual ASCAP Breakfast, the outfit above is the direction you should go in. Something modest, yet highly stylish. This is an awesome networking event filled with industry insiders and music executives.

Teal Time

After the ASCAP Breakfast starts the showcases! Yesterday, I told you about the exclusive, celeb filled showcases presented by Urban Soul Cafe. Above and below are two fab yet casual styles to aim for when dressing for the showcases. Remember, the showcases are an excellent time for picture taking and meeting you fave gospel celebs. You’ll see lots of styles of dress, so look your time to like you fab best!

Showcase Shorty

Lastly, is the actual Stellar Award ceremony! For those attending the Stellar Awards you’ll notice that the celebs go ‘all-out’, but for the the people attending, you don’t need to worry. Take a look below to see three variations of red-carpet style.

Red Carpet Arrival

I hope this helps! Figuring out what to wear for the Stellar Awards can be confusing, but hopefully I’ve helped point you in the right direction. Still have questions? Contact me personally at fabglancenashville@hotmail.com! Have fun!

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