LET ME FIX THAT FOR YOU: Jennifer Hudson at a book signing event

When I started this blog, I always said I wasn’t out to made fun of people. You’ll never see any of those, “Oh NO she DIDN’T” type posts on this site. The problem with taking this oath is when I see a photo of a celeb wearing a not-so-fly outfit – I’m kind of at odds. In my mind, I use my stylist skills to remake their outfit. Then I realized, I can re-mix their outfits on the site, as a way to instruct my readers and maximize my stylist skills

So – I present to you, “Let me fix it for you“! Each week, I’ll pick a celeb wearing a not-so-fly outfit and I’ll remix it, showing you how I would interpret the look.

First up, we have Miss Weight-Watchers, Jennifer Hudson. This picture was snapped last week at a book signing. Ms. Hudson’s new svelte body affords her the luxury of wearing clothes that she previously couldn’t wear. Sometimes she looks good, sometimes . . .  not so much. That latter is the case for this look.

I see where she was going, trying to be fun, flirty, and a bit dressy casual, but the look comes off a bit teenager-ish. I love the tights and the hair, but everything else needs a mature makeover. Take a look below:

Let me fix that: Jennifer Hudson

To fix Ms. Hudson’s look, I kept the fun tights, ditched the drop-waist dress and added a skirt and blouse. I added a pop of color with her blouse, the blue is youthful and makes her approachable. The boots were too heavy for her fun look, so I added a pair of Louis Vuitton peep-toe pumps. Oh, the patent leather Betsy Johnson belt will give Jennifer a hour-glass look and accentuate her new slim body. Now, that’s a book-signing look! What do you think?

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