LET ME FIX THAT: Raven Symone and her thigh high boots

Oh Raven, let me fix that for you! I’m so happy for Raven – she lost 70lbs last year and she’s looking great. However, she has a situation many women deal with when they lose a lot of weight – they either buy their clothes too big or they just get confused. Being able to access all the styles that were once out of your reach is a bit overwhelming for a girl with a brand-new svelte body.
 Living in California can throw off your sense of dressing for the season. It’s winter, yet, it’s 70 degrees; what to do? I’m sure Raven was thinking, “These boots are HOT and I want to wear them AND I want people to notice my skinny legs. So I’m gonna wear these shorts – yeah, that makes sense and it matches.” 
Below, I’ve fixed Raven’s outfit to reflect her fun style, slim legs, and maturity. Take a look:
LET ME FIX IT: That's SO Raven

I kept the pop of color by exchanging her red shorts, for a red version of her jacket. I’d have to agree, Raven’s boots were pretty fly, so I kept those, but added a dark rinse skinny jean to give some contrast and texture to her legs. Those slim jeans will definitely let the world know you’ve been hitting the elliptical. Next up I added a short-sleeve turtleneck to balance of LA’s wacky weather. Lastly, I added this fun fringed Balmain bag – to give a little sass to the mix. Looks good to me. What do you thing, did I fix Raven?

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