STYLE GUIDE: What to wear for Valentine’s Day 2012

Although I’m a bit late – you know I had to grace you, my favorite readers, with my annual Valentine’s Day fashion guide! Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, I’m sure many of you will have dates throughout the rest of the week. I had to make sure you have some outfit inspiration for the week. Take a look below: (Click the pic for purchase info)

Date night with the Boo!

First up, let’s acknowledge the couples in LOVE!! Ladies, be red-hot this year with a form fitting red dress and sassy accessories. I’m a big fan of your outerwear being just as gorgeous as what’s underneath. So, while you are waiting to be seated, everyone will remark on you awesome asymmetrical leather jacket and sassy sandals.

Valentine's Day First Date

So, you got a first date this week, or dating someone you just met -let him know you are worth keeping by letting your purple reign! This purple trench ($250!!) will wow your date as soon as he opens the the door. Then bring a bit of fun with this cute, sparkly, clutch. We already know, these shoes are showstoppers!

Valentine's Day with the girls

Lastly, did you decide to ditch the date for a Girls Night Out? Well cool! Forget red, purple, and all those Valentine’s Day colors and make those couples green with envy! This cute dolmen sleeve dress transitions well with lace stockings, a fur cape, and romantic accessories!

So ladies, have fun this week! Remember, Valentine’s Day is only that – A DAY! Love your friends and family all year!

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