TREND ALERT: Floral Print Jeans

Beyonce and Rihanna rock floral printed jeans (source)

Last year I told you about colored denim. Well, the trend isn’t going anywhere! And now, it’s flowered and multi-colored.

Check out pop divas Beyonce and Rihanna as they were spotted a couple of weeks ago rocking their version of the trend. Glamour Magazine (online) talked about the trend saying:

Both ladies styled these bold pants with a button-down shirt and pointy pumps in colors from the floral pattern. The overall look is eye-catching, without being completely over the top. It has just enough polish and just enough edge. READ MORE

Couldn’t have said it better myself. The best and easiest way to wear floral denim is to keep it simple all around. From the hair to the shoes, chic, polished, and slightly lady-like is the way to go. No matter what your style, Beyonce (grown-up and modernly classic) or Rihanna (rock-star glamourista) you can rock the trend your way.

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