EVENT: Saks pre-opening event at Opry Mills Mall

I was so happy to receive an invite to the Saks grand-opening event at the newly reopened Opry Mills mall. I can’t deny it, I wanted get a first look at the new mall after the devastating floods of 2010.

Upon arrival I was greeted by cheerful guest service attendants dressed chic in all black. They signed me up for the Saks Mailing list and gave me handfuls of coupons to use during my visit. There were southern style appetizers and various versions of sweet tea available for customers to enjoy.

The new Saks in Opry Mills looks more like the actual Saks stores in bigger cities. The layout is spacious and the displays are modern. When Nordstrom’s came to town, I realized that all the high-end department stores stepped their game up, giving shoppers a better and more eye-opening experience.

Even though the store doesn’t look like an outlet, the prices are still amazingly low. Designer labels
were selling at almost 60% off! That’s what will keep customers coming back! A pretty store that gives me a high-end experience but boasts low prices? I’m all about it! 

Check out my pics below. You can shop at Opry Mills and all their new stores this weekend!

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