TREND ALERT: Cap-Toe Shoes

Neon Cap-Toe Louboutin ‘Un-Bout’, buy here

You know I gottta keep you on top of the trends! Here’s another trend that I want in my closet, the cap-toe shoe. These shoes have been on my radar for some time. However, when I saw Beyonce rocking her neon cap toe Louboutin version to the Knicks game a couple of weeks ago, I knew I was in love.

What I love about these lady-like lovelies is the versatility. The pointy-toe versions are easy wear with a jeans. The block -heel version are great for power suits. And the flats are just great for taking a casual outfit to the next level. Although this design isn’t new, the trend dates back to the 1950’s, the color/material choices have updated the trend. From metallics to spikes, there is a cap-toe shoe for every girl.

Take a look at the styles I’ve assembled below. I’m sure you can see yourself in a pair of cap-toe shoes!

CLICK HERE to purchase

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