FASHION DISCUSSION: It’s time to clean out those closets!

Well, Spring is finally here and this is the perfect time to clean out your closets. Yup, I said it, clean out those closets! . As a wardrobe stylist and a closet re-organizer, I help people rid themselves of old clothes, shoes, and accessories in order to help them pinpoint their style and assess their fashion development. So, I thought I give you some quick tips on cleaning out those closets. Let’s get into it:

Did you lose/gain  weight? Inevitably our bodies are gonna change as we get older. Losing and gaining weight is a natural process. Once you’ve settled at a weight and you are not preparing to do some drastic gain/loss plan it’s time for you to get rid of those old clothes.

Ladies and gents, do NOT hold on to clothes in hopes of fitting back into them. Most likely, when you return to your target weight, those clothes will be out of style and far off trend. You can look like your BEST at any size. Let go of those old clothes. Donate them to your local charity/thrift store.

Clothes with rips, stains, or tears – As I type, there’s a wrap dress hanging in my closet. I love that dress. It was super affordable and I get so many compliments when I wear it. However, when I was moving, I spilled some bleach. A dollop of bleach got on my dress and it’s pretty much ruined. I imagined taking a green sharpie over the stain, but, why? It’s time to let it go.

If you have clothes in your closet/drawers with rips, stains, and tears (that were not on the item intentionally) then it’s time to let it go. Chances are, you’ll buy another ‘favorite’ item and you’ll soon forget about your other item. Let it go, throw it in the garbage.

Unworn/New Clothes – Now, I’m sure you are thinking, “What? What is a closet for but if not to store new clothes?” Many times, we shop just like we eat: emotionally. But after while, the closet begins to fill with items that aren’t necessary. This makes you feel like you have nothing to wear, when in fact you have nothing you WANT to wear.

Your closet should be a place of refuge, save for special event items and items of sentiment (wedding/prom dress or tux) if you have clothes in the closet that you haven’t worn in two or more years, let it go. Clean out that closet. Make your closet a place of ease not angst.

Bad Memories – So many times we hold on to items because of a memory. Stumble upon an item that brings up a bad time, you can set yourself back a couple days. My brother once got bit by a dog. The dog ripped his pants leg but nothing happened to his really cool winter coat. For weeks, my mom tried to get him to wear that coat, but he wouldn’t. Finally, he told her that the coat bought up the memory of being bit by the dog. She never asked him to wear the coat again.

Although that coat was basically new, on trend, and unused, the bad memory associated with the coat made the coat useless to my brother. If you have items in you closet that are marred by a bad memory, let it go. Cleaning out you closet is not only about cleansing your physical space, but cleansing your emotional space. Buy something new and make a new memory.

I hope these tips help you clean and orginize your closet. Still need help or some professional advice? Hire ME! I not only keep you up to date on the hottest trends and events in Nashville but I can help you update your wardrobe and clean your closet.

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