Yeah, you see it, D’angelo is on the comeback. In the latest issue of GQ Magazine, the singer is spotted looking dapper in a fitted suit, loose hair, and slightly aged yet  handsome face.

If you followed D’angelo’s career like I followed, you know he’s had some bad times and obstacles in the past. I remember reading an article citing D’angelo as saying he wasn’t quite ready for all the fame that would come from releasing the Untitled . . . How Does it Feel video. Now, I don’t know what D’angleo thought was gonna happen when he released a video with him all half-naked and muscular, but, I digress. D’angelo and the video’s director insist the video wasn’t about sex but about the transparency he felt after experiencing his grandmother’s cooking.  Nevertheless, after that album, D’angelo caught some legal woes, a couple of pounds, and two re-hab visits. Many thought the artist would never come back.

Let’s hope the soul crooner has a better hold on this celeb-reality and can give us another legendary album. Word on the street is that he’s on the new Jay-Z Made in the USA Music Festival. (source)

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