LINK LOVE: Take proper care of your clothes!

As some of you know, I have a spot over on Tumblr called “Cupcakes, Clothes, & Convo” – check it out sometime. Having the Tumblr, it’s easy for me to come across awesome articles about designers, clothes, and trends. My new favorite Tumblr blog is called, Adulting. It’s not what you think. The author gives out daily tips on how to be a better adult – lol
You know how, someday, you feel like who let you be in charge, you don’t even know how to fold a fitted sheet. LOL. Well on Adulting the author answers and gives suggestions for all your daunting adult chores.
My favorite post so far is called, “Take Proper Care of Your Clothes” and it gives 9 tips on how to take care of your clothes.As a fashion blogger, I have to admit, I’m not the best at taking care of my clothes. I have several pairs of shoes that need polishing and a gang of sweaters that need to be folded gently and put way for the fall. Le Sigh!
My favorite tip: Do not put those clothes “with 3% spandex” in the dryer. The heat will break down the spandex, and your garment will soon look like a rag. Not the first time, but the 15th time, you will wonder why you bought it.

One thought on “LINK LOVE: Take proper care of your clothes!

  1. I want the clothes in the image….I got to check out the link up there! Adulting! Yes….I'm an adult and wonder who passed the torch on several occasions throughout the day.


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