THE SHOE: Alejandro Ingelmo ‘Caro’

I love a shoe that just screams “I’m a grown-up!”. When I looked at this woven stiletto pump by Alejandro Ingelmo, that’s the first thing I thought. In a time when a pump costs more than first and last month’s rent, you better make sure it’s saying something. Also, you better make sure it’s a shoe that will last a couple seasons. This one, with its intricate details, can last you a couple spring/summer seasons and the compliments will keep coming.

Alejandro Ingelmo is a newer designer. He opened his first NY shop in 2006. By 2008, he’d one several fashion awards for shoe design. He’s looks are so streamlined, that the outfit I created had to reflect his classic style and simple silhouette. This week’s ensemble is called ‘She’s So Non-Nonchalant’ and it’s a nod to all those fashionable ladies out their that can mix/match luxury with vintage and care nothing about what you think. Click the photo to purchase any piece from the look!

She's so nonchalant

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