SHOES: Christian Louboutin Rock & Gold Boots

I see that look on your face . . . FabGlance took you out of your comfort zone! I know. This is so NOT Nashville, but these boots are the and I want to buy them to come live in my closet. These are the Louboutin Rock & Gold leather boots. These babies would transition so well into the upcoming fall season. You know I’m a fan of a shoe that can you can wear with a variety of looks – and this one is a retro glam look that you can rock anywhere.

So, this week’s outfit is a nod to the retro-ness of this shoe. I wanted to mix high/low items to give the wearer a vintage chic look. This is definitely a shopping look. Expensive bag and expensive shoes paired with thrift style standards. Love this look! I hope it inspires you to step outside your box. Click the picture for purchase info.

Do Gold Daily

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