THE SHOE: Jimmy Choo ‘Melvin’

I can’t stress how ready I am for fall to come. When it’s hotter than an oven on the equator for three weeks straight, a simple sundress and flat sandals becomes the uniform.  Although, I hate saying ‘goodbye’ to the awesome sunshine, but there’s something about the way you dress when fall comes that make the stylish ones stand out. Fall dressing is about layers, textures, and shapes. 
That’s why I was happy to find these strappy velvet and metallic sandals from Jimmy Choo. This is a perfect transitional sandal, especially for out southern fall season. In the south we get fall, but sometimes the days are as hot as August and the nights as cool as November. You have to know how to walk the line between hot/cold and stay stylish doing it.
Which is why I created this outfit. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent the last five weeks watching Ugly Betty on Netflix (I’m late, I know!). Now, I’m all about some Wilhemina Slater and her structured power suits and sexy sheath dresses. This outfit screams “fall business woman who takes cocktails after 6pm while planning to take over the world”. Click the picture for purchase info.
The Business of Pleasure

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