DISCUSSION: I’m over it! Ridiculously long weaves

Azalia Banks and her ultra-long locs

Go ahead and call me a hater, but I’m over these ridiculously long weaves! Ok, let me tell you how I got to this point, and it’s not because I’m the editor of a natural hair website (shout out to Natural in Nashville). Anyway, this past weekend, I was on campus at my Alma Mater, Tennessee State University. It was homecoming and the students, visitors, and alumni were sporting their best outfits and hairstyles.

When I tell you that no less than 50% of the young ladies (ages 18-25) had an ULTRA long, Rapunzel/Barbie weave – I tell you no lie. The ladies were looking like clones! Oh, people, always trying to be different and always ending up looking the same. I started to do the math on the cost of all this hair; these ladies were rocking $300-$500 worth of hair on their head! Hmm, that’s a new fall wardrobe.

Rihanna in 2009

Now I know you are wondering, “why isn’t she posting this on her hair website?” Well, I know hair is just as much about fashion as clothes are about fashion. Fashion magazines are forever feeding us THEIR concept of beauty. That concept is usually long-haired, fair-skinned, and totally flawless. As much as I love to tear open a fresh Vogue magazine, I know the difference between fantasy (vogue air brushing) and reality. The Vogue, music video, and fashion editorials, are usually telling a story. It’s a one-time image used to sell a product. Long weaves aren’t meant for real life.

Naomi Campbell in Italian Vogue

I’m not knocking a couple clip-in pieces or a weave to achieve a certain ‘look for your prom, wedding, vacation, or awards ceremony but the UPKEEP for an ultra-long weave is almost as expensive as the weave itself. Most time people resort to a knock off version of celebrity style weave.

We know, the cheap knock-off of ANYTHING is usually worse than the original and will look ragged just a quickly. Most people, sporting ultra long weave, in real life, have sacrificed a good car payment to achieve the look. Celelbrity style weave is just that, for celebrities. Their job is to look good from all angles at all times. I’m not saying you can’t look good all the time but can it be done with out ultra long weave?

Even Kim Kardashian let the weave go!

Oh yeah, let’s not mention my favorite line: “Once a trend get SATURATED, it’s not longer FAB, it’s a FAIL!” The ultra-long weave trend is coming around to the fail line. Now, I’m one to talk. Right now, I’m wearing extentions that reach my mid-back. But I’m about over these braids because I see too many people rocking my hair style. When everyone is doing it, then we need to stop.

So, I’m officially killing the ULTRA LONG WEAVE trend. Just stop it! If you ain’t a model or a singer or a rapper, let it go.

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