MODEL BEHAVIOR: House of Dereon posts new pics featuring Beyonce for Winter collection

Back in August, House of Dereon (HOD) released the Fall 2012 Lookbook. Now, the team has released looks for the winter campaign. Well, one look – lol. It features, Beyonce (above), rocking a mod geometric print body-con dress.

The team stated that: “The inspiration is more focused around Beyoncé’s Glastonbury stage look. This delivery features sequined styles and an intensified color palette that uses strong shades of ruby and amethyst ground with black to create a bold, exciting fashion statement that evokes a luxe party theme and speaks to a rocker in all of us.”

Even though Beyonce looks GREAT in this photo, I hate how most of items that Beyonce is wearing will never make it to the retailers. HOD needs to get better with that. However, lets just look at this pretty picture of Beyonce and hope that the clothes make it to the racks.

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