BEAUTY CORNER: Orange for Fall? Why not!

Sooo! Changes are being made all over the place! We have a new logo and soon I’ll be rolling out a new layout. With all these changes I thought, what would the readers like to see more of? Well, overwhelmingly most of you said you’d like to see a make-up/beauty section! Luckily, I found a great make-up artist in Nashville who is willing to lend her hand to answering some of your beauty questions, spotlighting trends, and introducing you to her favorite products.

Her name is Mosun and she is the creative director for MoJohnson Makeup Aritstry. She loves working with women of color and has a keen eye for trends. Check out her first post below!

Fall! My favorite time of the year! Well the colors are in and popping! On this premiere post, I am showcasing the color Orange. Tangerine Tango is a more specific shade of Orange in the 2012 Fall trends. This color is in no way exhaustive of 2012 fall colors; we will just be highlighting it for this edition.

For women of darker skin tone, I would adjust the Orange to more of a Burnt Orange color for that extra warmth that is very complimentary to most. My favorite combination is Burnt Orange with Emerald Green Eyeshadows!

Melissa (Editor in Chief of Fab Glace Nashville) was my gorgeous model for this layout! The three looks assume a transition from day to evening; ensuring a touch of Orange in all the looks.

This is a subtle and day-time look. Very wearable to the office! The eyeshadow is neutral and matte brown, MAC Modern Manderin blush on her cheeks, Orange Lipliner and Orange lip gloss. Mac Modern Manderin is a gorgeous burnt orange blush with some shimmer.

We added a little more depth to the first look. This works for an evening out for drinks and/or dinner. I contoured her eyes with some darker brown shades and used a shimmery gold eyeshadow on her lids. She is still wearing Orange lipgloss and Orange Blush.

It’s late and it’s a night out on the town! Melissa here is once again wearing MAC Modern Manderin on her cheeks; applied subtly. She is also going against the norm with her bold Green eyes AND orange lips. I think this combination is a winner. What say you?!

Photography  by Christos VanNathan.  A commercial and productphotographer based in Nashville TN. Check out for more information.

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