THE SHOE: NINE WEST Emlyn jeweled bootie

Nine West Emlyn

I took a chance posting this shoe, because it’s off the path. It’s one of those shoes that you won’t wear often, but when you wear it, you are sure to get compliments. It’s the Nine West Emlyn Jeweled B, ootie.If you follow me on twitter, you know I’m enthralled with all things turquoise. So these, turquoise suede lovlies really caught my eye. For the no so adventurous, the shoe does come in black, but it’s just not as FAB! Oh yeah, TREND ALERT jeweled heels are on trend for WINTER 2012 – it’s like having jewelry on your feet.

So, remember I said these shoes aren’t ones you’d wear often? Well, I though, why not take a ‘dressy’ fancy shoe and give it a totally casual approach. This week’s outfit is just that. It’s the type of outfit that says, “These boots, oh, I wear them as if they were sneakers!” Fashion is all about switching it up sometimes. Take a look:
Afternoon Luxe

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