DISCUSSION: What’s Your Airport Style

Sorry for my lack of posts. This short week and holiday shopping got the best of me. However, I thought we’d have a quick convo about airport fashion .

Oh friends, it’s sad to see the atrocities that walk through the airport – I mean really, you should not look as if you are getting ready to go to bed just because you want to be comfortable. You might meet the love of your life or a potential employment contact while traveling. The airport is just as much of a social hub as you latest Facebook post.

I chose the celebs above because they show the best way to look when embarking on airport travel. So the following are some simple tips on upping the ante with your airport fashion.

Pack your coat, rock an oversized cardiganYou going to a cooler climate, pack your over-sized coat in you carry-on and rock a cardigan on the plane. If you are going to a warmer climate, your cardigan will serve as a coat when you return home. Your cardigan can double as a blanket if the plane is too cold (because it ALWAYS is) or a comfy pillow if the plane is the right temperature.
Skip the jeans and rock some leggings – Why? Well, jeans usually need belts and typically have metal fittings. The belt and metal buttons can cause security issues at the security checkpoints. Ughh! Who has time for all that? A great pair of leggings keeps you comfy and you don’t have to deal with random strangers rubbing you down at the security area. Check out the very on-trend leather leggings featured HERE.
Remember your flat boots and cute socksYou know you are gonna have to take your shoes off at the security area. What’s easier than unzipping or pulling off a pair of cute flat boots? Oh yeah, we’ve all got caught out there with the raggedy socks or no socks at all! Make sure to rock a pair of cute socks to walk on those cold airport floors. Remember quirky socks a tres chic for Fall 2012. Oh yeah, flat boots look cute and feel comfortable as you jet through the concourse.
Forget excessive jewelry – Another security slowdown is wearing excessive jewelry on the flight. You are only gonna have to take off all that jewelry at the security checkpoint. Oh yeah, some of today’s trendy jewelry (spikes, mock bullets) can be confiscated as weapons – I’d HATE that for you!
Big bag, bigger sunglasses –  So if you can’t rock random accessories  what can you rock to distinguish you from those other unfashionable girls – cool sunglasses and a fantastic over-sized bag. The sunglasses help ya look chic on those early morning flights and that over-sized bag can double as an additional carry-on and computer bag holder.
Airport Cutie

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