Top 10 Gifts for your Favorite Fashion Friend 2012

So, we have exactly, 7 days left until Christmas. If you are like me, a procrastinator, then you probably haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet. Or, you may have that one person who seems to have EVERYTHING and you can’t figure out what to buy. That person is usually someone (of the female persuasion) who just seems to be up on all the cool gadget, trends, and whatnot. I decided to give you a handy guide to shopping for you favorite fashion friend. The gift range from ‘cheap chic’ to ‘awesome expensive’ but they are sure to make that fashion girl in your life SMILE when she opens your gift. Take a look:

Let’s start at the top of our gift tree!

1. Target’s Tech Touch Gloves: These aren’t new on the scene, but they are so necessary! Tech-touch gloves allow you to use your touch screen phone without taking off your warm gloves. The first time I saw tech-touch style gloves, they just weren’t fashionable. But, Target’s Tech Touch gloves are fashionable, lightweight, and have just enough warmth to help you continue your texting adventures.

2. Vogue: The Covers: Any fashionista worth her weight in gold loves cracking open a new issue of Vogue! This beautiful coffee table book chronicles the evolution of the Vogue covers from day one. With great commentary by the stylists and photographers – it makes a great read for the holiday vacation.

3. Calvin Klein Encounter Cologne: Funny story, so I go to trend meetings at Belk. When we go we usually get some gifts to try. In my gift bag was a sample for Calvin Klein Encounter Cologne which I thought was for ladies. So I’ve been wearing it – and getting compliments. I didn’t even KNOW it was for men. So, if you have a fashionista guy (or girl) get them a bottle of this great smelling cologne.

4. Netflix Subscription: Getting someone a Netflix subscription is one of the greatest gifts on the list. Look, who has time to actually watch all your favorite shows at the time the shows come on! A one month gift subscription cost 7.99 – what a cool and ‘cheap chic’ gift to give a friend.

5. Earphone Ear Muffs: Here’s another tech toy with a functioning fashion spin! You can listen to tunes or talk on the phone while keeping your ears nice and warm. Pictured above, are the Ugg Great Jone Earmuffs, but there are plenty of designs available all over the web.

6. Windows Surface Tablet: So, everyone was giving love to the iPad, then Microsoft came with this fashionable and functional. The Windows Surface tablet has a streamlined operation system that appeals to all the cool people. It’s easy to use, comes in an array of colors, and has a keyboard for added productivity.

7. Michael Kors Watch: Michael Kors is seeing an awesome jump in popularity. I can’t figure when it started but all I knew was every girl wanted Michael on her wrist or on her shoulder. So why not get your fashionista a classic Michael Kors watch in gold. Just enough of a trend to make the right statement.

8. E.L.F. Eye Shadow Pallet: Don’t sleep, E.L.F is one of the best make-up companies in the industry. The affordable make-up pallets have a variety of colors and the pigments pop! You can find E.L.F. cosmetics at Target or order online.

9. Grace: A Memoir: Ok, I thought hard about putting TWO Vogue books on the list, but the first was more about the magazine, but this is about Vogue’s famous creative director, Grace Coddington. Most who find out Grace’s effect on Vogue hold her in higher esteem that the famed Anna Wintour. In the book, Coddington narrates her voyage from being a model to being a creative director – plus their are plenty of pictures to help the reader enjoy the journey.

10. Purple Lipstick: In September, I alerted you to the return of the dark lip! What a great way to show your favorite fashionista you know WASSUP in fashion by giving her a couple of trends of the hottest shade out. Plus, some of these shades can be found at your local drugstore – an easy find for even for procrastinators.

Alright! So, get to shopping! And if you feel inclined – buy me a gift too!

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