What to Wear: New Year’s Eve 2012

Oh My!!! Did this year go by in a flash or what? It seems like I was just writing this exact type of post for New Year’s Eve 2012! Oh well, let’s get with it!
These New Year’s Eve inspiration take on some of my favorite trends of 2012 but with a forward thinking twist. Take a look at the sets below and get inspired to look great for your New Year’s Eve event. As always, click the picture for shopping information:
NYE 2012: Golden Lady!

First up is ‘Golden Lady’. When styling this look I took a nod to those ladies that may have a festive event to attend: a work function or church event. It’s modest but still cute. I’m totally in love with cropped tops for 2013! Believe me, you will see more of them as the season’s change. This golden outfit will allow you to be the belle of the ball.

NYE 2012: Black Gold

NYE 2012: Black Gold by fabglance featuring a red lipstick

Now, I was prim and proper with my first set, it’s time to set it off with this one! This is for the girl who wants to walk into the club and SET-IT-OFF! Once again, the cropped top makes an appearance, but loads of gold details take center stage as well. I was definitely influenced by Rihanna’s recent modern yet fearless looks. Girl, when you rock this outfit, the men will pause! LOL!
NYE 2012: Pop Bottles

Ok guys, this is my favorite look from the set. I love black with pops of luxe color. This fur vest is in the season’s hottest color- OXBLOOD RED! This is a look for someone who may be hosting a home event and can be easily exchanged for flat boots or a lower heeled pump. Check out the chain cross-body clutch and festive earrings – still in season and ready to sparkle for your New Year’s event.

NYE 2012: Ball Drop Bomb

Last but not least, I’m always here for doing the traditional New Year’s Eve activity – watching the ball drop downtown. Usually, you and friends can eat at a great restaurant and then head downtown to watch the ball drop. Nashville has a great New Year’s Eve bash. Due to the weather, you must layer – but no one said it has to be dowdy. this is tres chic with touches of my favorite trends: leather pants and estate jewels. This look is practical; and fab! Think about how fly you’ll look at dinner and how warm you’ll be outside.

I hope this helps and I wish you a successful New Year! On January 7, I’ll be starting a collaborative initiative and I want YOU to join! I can’t wait to give you the details!! Celebrate the season!

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