Would You Rock It? Teyana Taylor’s for ADIDAS

These days, you don’t have to be an athlete to get a sneaker deal from DJ’s to socialites, if your are popular and have awesome style you just may get a sneaker deal (I’m sure it’s more than that, but you get my drift). Anyway, Teyana Taylor, Hollywood ‘IT’ girl made popular by her luscious hair, bangin’ body, and newly minted record deal with Kanye West, is the newest celeb socalite to get a sneaker deal.

Honestly, Teyana is well-known in the sneaker community for her love of sneakers and ridiculous collection. This chick has made style and talent. This deal with Adidas is clearly a great move that will prove well for the brand and for Teyana.

Last week, Teyana instagram’ed pics of her new shoe design. Honestly, I’m loving this shoe! I want a pair! The shoe, the Harlem GLC (Good Luck Charm) pulls styling cues from the Torsion Attitude and blends them with new age functions and details. Features include a scale-textured bronze leather upper, contrasting black accents and a unique open lacing system (source).

I’m feeling ’em, are you?

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