TREND REPORT: Round Sunglasses

This week’s trend is round sunglasses! I saw this coming months ago when Rihanna rocked a pair of vintage Chanel round sunglasses while performing on the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Rihanna’s were embellished with pearls and extremely FAB. And soon enough, designers started showcasing various styles of styles of circle sunglasses.

TREND REPORT: Round Sunglasses
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Round sunglasses look good on most faces – the key is making sure your sunglasses aren’t too big. Too big round sunglasses can look cartoonish and not trendy especially when you add embellishments like pearl, flowers, and other trinkets. Make sure to check out my Sunglasses in the City guide for finding the right frames for your face. Adding a pair of round frames PLUS a pair of standard sunglasses can upgrade your summer look.

For this week’s outfit, I built off the round sunglasses trend for 2013 and added some other summer trends: the skater kirt, neon accents, crop tops and bold stripes. This is definitely a fun outfit for a weekend event. Try this cute look one weekend.

Bitty Bopper

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