THE TREND: Cropped Top and Jeans is all you need

Jane Norman Cap Sleeve Crop Top

FINALLY, warm weather has made it’s arrival in these Nashville streets! It felt like winter would last forever around these parts. So, it’s time to transition that closet to some simple summer staple pieces. This week let’s focus on the cropped top. The cropped top has made it’s way back to the fashion scene and city streets. Something about showing a little sliver of abdomen is ultra sexy but not slutty. And don’t think you can’t rock a cropped top if you are plus-sized – PUH! Everyone can rock the cropped top with a bit of creative thinking:

  • It’s the upper midriff we’re looking for, not the belly button (source)
  • High-waist jeans/skirts/pants add to the chicness of your crop top
  • Always remember to rock the t-shirt bra to keep away embarrassing nip situations

This week’s outfit is a simple sassy look that anyone can rock. The high-waist jeans in the set are designer, but a trip to the thrift store and pair of scissors can give you the same look. Similar crop tops are available at you local mall, I’ve seen plenty at Forever 21. And those shoes are available at aldo (in-store and online).

Be inspired!

    Simple Sass

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