SHOPPING: H&M opens online shopping in the US

Nashville is now home to our very own H&M store in the Opry Mills mall. Like any retail store the selection will vary from location to location. So that cute little dress your friend found while shipping in Philly is non-existent when shopping in Nashville. Such frustration!

But don’t fret, H&M has finally opened and e-commerce store for their US shoppers. WHOOP-WHOOP! H&M has some cute stuff, but sometimes it’s just not available in your local store. This is SO TRUE for their plus-size market. The plus-size selection at Nashville’s H&M leaves MUCH to be desired.  Now you have access to their entire selection – oh joy!

Oh yeah, there’s even a nifty H&M app that makes shopping a breeze. For you online shoppers this is the score of the year. So get your shop on! 

Don’t forget it TN SALES TAX HOLIDAY this weekend. So you can go tax-free shopping all weekend long – even online!

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