LET ME FIX IT … Gabourey Sidibe for Harpers Bazaar

Do you see what I see? Harper’s Bazaar done my girl Gabby a GRAVE injustice. I don’t know what the magazine was trying to achieve with this photo but thy failed on disastrous levels!

I mean yes, Gabby is plus-size or what some on the fashion industry would describe as Super Plus. Being anything over a size 8 on Hollywood is hard enough (and even that’s pushing it) but being a larger size and not having a sought after hourglass shape is even harder. Gabby has an apple shape; she carries all her weight in her midsection. And there’s nothing wrong with it. What’s wrong is the stylists and design houses continue to attempt to make Gabby look like someone else (Queen Latifah perhaps).

So, instead of making fun of the obvious RIDCULOUSNESS of this look – I’m gonna throw my hat in the race to HELP my girl Gabby. She’s a great actress and funny as crap, why don’t we bring out her personality and embrace her unique look:

@GaboureySidibe … let me fix it!

If I were her stylist there’d be some staples in our style arsenal. First up, flat shoes would be her thing; no more heels as it seems to make her feel awkward. Under my style counsel, Gabby would have a catalouge of flat shoes and exclusive sneakers for her choice. Also, being a plus-size girl I know there are areas that can only be changed with dieting and plastic surgery – no worries. widely cut shift dresses with interesting fabric combos, leggings that are comfy all the time, and prints to express her fun personality would be staples in my arsenal.

Imagine Gabby with this AMAZING cut!

Now let’s talk about hair. Her hair would need to be a SPICY short pixie cut. Lets leave the extensions out forever! Her extensions always AGE her making making her older than she is. She has a great face with cherubic cheeks why hide it!

Lastly, She’d always have on cool nail polish and she always have a nice lip color. There’s no way to ‘look past’ her weight – but lets embrace it. Making sure to bring out the best in her charateristics while helping other plus-size ladies feel good about their shape.

What do you think about my looks for Gabby?

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