MUSIC MONDAY: "I Get So Lonely" – Janet Jackson

This week’s Music Monday offering is a BLAST FROM THE PAST –  Janet Jackson, “I Get So Lonely”. Man, I remember when this video dropped. It was 1998, I was a junior in college (I know LAWD, I’m getting old!) and R&B was doing quite well on the charts. Janet Jackson’s Velvet Rope album was doing amazingly on the charts.

I remember my friends and I would recreate the Janet’s infamous walking scene from the video; there was this awesome cross breeze that would happen when we all opened our dorm room doors. Janet, always the incidental fashion icon, rocked some trends in that video. Her kool-aid red hair was a hit before Rihanna rocked red, her menswear inspired looks from the video inspired lots of suit trends that year, and her boobs, well her boobs were ALWAYS on point!

FUN FACT:  Making this video employed 500 people and cost $1 million!! Whoa!

I know as soon as you hear the beat drop, you’ll be back in ’98 getting your groove on! Check it:

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