DISCUSSION: When’s the last time you bought a new BRA?

Black Friday is NEXT WEEK! Crazy how this year has went faster than a NASCAR driver on his way to the finish line. As the sales papers, emails, and texts come rolling in, we begin to write out christmas lists for family and friends. But don’t forget to get yourself a little something too.
My suggestion, some new underwear! When I conduct my personal styling session (CLICK HERE to hire me) I often tell clients to purchase new underwear as needed OR twice a year. As women, our bodies change due to weight shifts, pregnancy, and even stress. 
When purchasing a new bra, it’s best to get measured by a PROFESSIONAL. Dillards and Nordstrom’s have awesome retail assistants that can help you with finding the right bra. As usual, you may wear different sizes according to different manufacturers, so make sure to purchase you bras from the same seller each time.
Don’t think it’s time for a new bra? Check out the five major bra issues women have. If your bra is doing you wrong, it’s time to get sized again. 
Photo courtesy of www.girlwithcurves.com

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