MUSIC: Sevyn Streeter, "It Won’t Stop"

If you haven’t gotten up on the Sevyn Streeter bus, then you’re late. Sevyn, is a singer, songwriter, and dancer, who has been in the industry since she was 15 years old. She was with the girlgroup, RichGirl, which disbanded in 2012. After, she signed with Chris Brown’s label CBE, and started her solo career.

Sevyn has written for so many artists, and she continues to do awesome in the industry. She found her writing fame by writing a bunch of songs for Chris Brown including “Next To You” featuring Justin Bieber, and “The Way” by Ariana Grande. Just from writing, alone, the girl has already made more money and garnered more respect than most.

However, Sevyn has her eye set on solo and aimed for a Grammy. It doesn’t hurt that the girl has a nice voice, can dance, and has pretty FAB body & fashion sense. This summer, she burned up the charts with her single, “I Like It“. The song was pretty popular and put Sevyn on the radar as a soloist.

Today, she dropped her solo album, Call Me Crazy But . . . which features seven songs including “It Won’t Stop”. “It Won’t Stop” is the JAM! Ok, like foreeal, this song just makes you feel all summertime fly like you just found a boyfriend and you know y’all gonna kick it all year long.

The video gives you that sumertime vibe too. As soon as the beat drops you already know this song is gonna be on repeat. And that’s the style with most of Sevyn’s songs. She embodies the smoothness of Aaliyah, the sassy-ness of “Pleasure Principle” era Janet Jackson, and indpendent woman vibe of Beyonce. She’s bring the right amount of dance to R&B with sincere writing and slick beats. Take a listen below:

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