#OOTD: Baby It’s Cold Outside

OHMYGOSH!Why is Christmas like 4 days away!? Are you ready? I’m not ready! My Santa sensibilities haven’t kicked in yet, but I thought if I styled a cute Christmas look, I could get this Christmas party started.

So, when I saw this very FAB sweatshirt on etsy designed by Carolyn Dentz of DentzDesign I had to make a set out of it. Seriously, check out the DentzDesign store, it’s filled with cool shirts that will make you so hipster popular.

This look is for . . . ME . . . It’s clearly gonna be a casual non-chalant Christmas. The pants are actually tuxedo inspired corduroy skinny jeans – still keeping it in the holiday fabric party. The fancy earring gives a nod a holiday party vibe and red lipstick and nails (by NARS) will instantly give you a holiday inspiration. It’s non-chalant holiday chic!

For more details, click the picture. Happy Holidays!!

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