SHOPPING: 5 last minute gifts for your fave fashionista!

Oh snap! Did Christmas come in like a ninja or what? You have 6 shopping HOURS til the big day and you haven’t got anything for your favorite fashion friend? Your sister, girlfriend, or bestie who loves fashion may be HARD to shop for because it seems like they have it all. Well I have 5 SUREFIRE gifts you can give her (or him) if you are Christmas shopping at the last minute – oh yeah, you might not have to go to the mall. Let’s get it:

1. Gift card (to a local boutique or restaurant) – local boutiques (PhatKaps, Blush, Flip, etc) are great ways for a fashion friend to keep her closet looking fresh. Boutiques have small qualities which means your fly gal won’t look like everyone else. In addition, purchasing from a LOCAL boutiques keeps money in the community.

2. The Beyoncé CD – Listen, Beyonce’s new project, Beyonce, is SO good I haven’t been able to pull myself away to write a proper review. The albu comes with 14 songs and 17 music videos (on DVD) all ready to inspire your fashionista to be the most FAB diva in the building. And yes, she may have downloaded from itunes but there’s nothing like having the hard copy in your possession! And you can run into wal-mart or Best Buy to purchase.

3. A subscription to Vogue or whatever magazine they seem to like – Everyone who follows fashion loves to browse through magazines. Nothing like the feeling of the glossy pages on your finger tips. Check out Amazon to hook you friend up with a physical and/or electronic subscriptions to most fashion magazines. Click here for DISCOUNT subscription pricing.

4. Makeup brushes – Listen, as many make-up brushes I have, I STAY losing one. Nothing like having a fresh set to start the year off right. Oh yeah, just jump into your local drugstore to choose a cute set of brushes that your fashionista would love. Check out my review of Real Techniques brushes.

5. Promise to pay one of their monthly bills – I know, this is not the most GLAMOROUS gift, but when you live a glamorous life sometimes you forget to pay those monthly bills; cell, credit card, wi-fi, etc. Don’t laugh and don’t judge, just know if you offer to pay a bill, you’re really hekping a fashionista out – now we can shop some more!

Happy Holidays!!1

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