What to Wear during Stellar Award Weekend 2014

I do love living in the city of Nashville. Being a music fanatic, I get so many opportunities to hear my favorite artists no matter the genre. That’s why this week is a favorite week for me. It’s Stellar Awards Week. The Stellar Awards is the first Gospel Music Awards show in the U.S., honoring Gospel Music Artists, writers, and industry professionals for their contributions to the Gospel Music Industry (source). Gospel music is a favorite of mine because I grew up going to church and gospel music was a big part of my life. When the Stellar Awards come to town, I get a chance to see and hear some of my fave gospel artists.

Stellar Award activities get started on Thursday night with a huge showcase presented by Urban Soul Cafe. Then, the rest of the weekend is a whirlwind of artist showcases, panel discussions, and a the big event, The Stellar Awards. The award show is taped at the Grand Old Opry.

As with every event, you know I had to give you soe FLY and FIERCE outfit inspirations to get you. Since the Stellar Awards celebrate gospel music, the emphasis has to be on MODESTY – I mean, it’s church music. However, just because you are modest, choosing to cover your body, doesn’t mean you can’t be STYLISH! Each of these outfit inspirations are my version of #HAUTEHoliness and #ModernModesty. Take a look:

#OOTD: #StellarAwardWeekend - Look 2

This look combines vintage style details with modern embellishments. It’s kinda like a pin-up girl style but it’s still a fully covered look. That leather skirt is EVERYTHING and those wedge heels give you the lift you need.

#OOTD: Stellar Award Weekend - Look 1

This look is great for going from showcase to showcase. These removable layers and trendy heel is quite the transitional look. Can you get into those SNAKESKIN Louboutin heels? Even though I used high-end items to create this look, you can easily recreate with mid level designers.

#OOTD: #StellarAwardWeekend - Look 3

This last look is an all around good deal for Stellar Weekend. It’s trendy yet business, you can go to church and brunch, and it has lots of flair. Please get into that silk Burberry trench! Yes, Ma’am! Even though the dress fits to your body, it’s not tight – it just shows your form. All a good deal!

So I hope these looks help you dress well for the events. Even if you don’t go to the awards show, you’ll still have fun with all the events going on this weekend. Like I said, check out Urban Soul Cafe for the HOTTEST showcases!

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