#OOTD – What to Wear to a Superbowl Party (2014)

It’s Superbowl Sunday!! WOOOHOO! Today, the Seattle Seahawks are playing the Denver Broncos. The big game gets started at 5:30 est.

I’m not a sporty girl, but I’m a social girl – so I happen to get invited to Super Bowl parties. No matter what, you have to be fashionable when invited to a Superbowl Party, even if you don’t know the teams that are playing.

I always laugh at the girl who’s decked out in 100% team gear, but I also laugh at the girl who comes to the Superbowl party dressed like she’s going to the club (heels, mini dress, full face of make-up). There is a happy medium. You can look cute, represent your fave team, and be comfortable. C’mon girls, it’s a chill event – chill out.

Below, I’ve assemble some Super Bowl 2014 looks. Need to know ‘What to Wear’ to the party, I go you covered!

CLICK HERE for details – www.fabglance.polyvore.com

Here’s some keys to being cute AND comfy at the Super Bowl Party:

  • Instead of your fave team jersey, rock the team colors in a creative way
  • Jeans, leggings are your friend – even though they’ll be snacks on deck, say NO to sweat pants
  • Comfy but cute boots or flats, step away from the sneakers or heels it’s a special occasion

My fave team isn’t in the game, so as I always say: May the best team, with the most handsome players win! Happy Super Bowl!

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