ACCESORIES: Swatch Watch drops their Pastry Chef collection

Dreamcake Special Edition, by Sara Hochuli
If you know me in real life, you know I’m totally ADDICTED to watches. My favorite watch brand is Swatch. It’s not the most popular watch brand in America, but I don’t care, I likes what I likes. So when Swatch sent me their Spring/Summer lookbook, I almost fell out of my chair! Do you see this amazing cuteness! These watches are from their Pastry Chef collection.

The Swatch Spring-Summer Pastry Chefs Collection is inspired by sweet flavors and treats from your local candy shop. Featuring eye-popping and tantalizing designs for the wrist, they’re almost good enough to eat! From macaroons to waffles, they are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Each watch celebrates a different tasty treat. Do you know how much I love treats, on watches, WOW! I especially love the Dreamcake watch (pictured above). It’s a special edition created by pastry chef Sarah Hochuli. Only 5,000 Dreamcake watches were created and each watch comes packaged in a special cake inspired box. OH MY GOSH, I’m dying the cuteness?!!

I love these watche and I’m definitely getting one (or two).

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