SUMMER TREND: Sexy Strappy Sandals

Sexy Strappy Sandals update any look!

Summer is HERE and the sandals are ON SALE!! It’s 4th of July and sales are galore; time to add some sexy strappy sandals to your summer wardrobe.  Summer is the time when people see you the most. Strappy sandals will update the most casual summer look.

Solange isn’t afraid to be bold in her strappy sandals

Casual dress with not-so-casual shoes

Cameron Diaz is prim, proper, and SPICY in her strappy sandals

 As you can see from the pics above, strappy sandals can be worn in a variety of ways. Below, I’ve selected some of my favorite strappy sandals for Summer 2014. From chic to cheap, you can find a strappy sandal that fits your budget. Click the picture for purchase info.

TRENDY ALERT: #Summer Sandals

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