Sports & Style: Lebron James returns to Cleveland, what will his newsneaker look like?

Today, The king of basketball, Lebron James, made a decision that exploded the internet: The 6’8″ MVP is returning to his hometown and home team, the Cleveland Calvaliers! 

James is no stranger to basketball controversy as he he LEFT Cleveland for the Miami Heat in 2010 – leaving his Cleveland fans betrayed. Returning for the 2014-2015 season, James said “who am I to hold a grudge?”  If that isn’t a sterling example of sportsmanship, I don’t know what is!

So, the fashion question is – what will his new sneaker look like? Hmmm? Lebron James and Keven Durante have taken over the urban sneaker scene with sales hitting almost as high as Michael Jordan. When Michael Jordan retired, Nike offered Lebron James a $90 million sneaker contract. That move proved fruitful for Nike and Lebron. 
The Nike Air Zoom liberation has taken many forms since 2003. Now, with new technology and NikeID FAN DESIGNS the Lebron Sneaker has achieved cult-like status. 

So, what do you think Nike will design for Lebron’s return to the Cavalier court? We will see!

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