I’ve decided to share more of my shopping discoveries with you, especially something as cool as this – CONSIDERTHEWLDFLWRS Jewelry Company. 

One visit to ‘ABOUT’ page and you be totally in love with the mission (the give 10% back to local charities), the meaning (their name comes from scripture – Luke 12:27), and the designer (Emily, a self taught designer who feels simple can be bigger than expected). I mean! How fly is this company! 

This Tennessee company has become my new fave obsession and I want to buy everything on their website. Cause currently, I’m obsessed with slight metal jewelry that adds just a twinkle to your look. I’ve been toying with a more minimal clothing concept that looks intentional, structutured, and streamlined. So CONSIDERTHEWLDFLWRS is the jewelry line that falls into my new aesthetic. Just look:
They also have a pretty cool blog,, that showcases the inspiration behind their designs and presents stories that curate a ‘simple and natural asthetic’. I love this company! 

Make sure to give them a visit. You can find CONSIDERTHEWLDFLWRS on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and twitter.  

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