#OOTD: In the 90’s

#OOTD: Something for a throwback

Now this is the time I’ve been waiting for! 90’s inspired trends are BACK! The 90’s were all about grunge looks (think Nirvana, Seattle, and MTV VJs) and super bright 70’s mod looks (think Clueless, The Spice Girls, and Lizzie McGuire). It was a weird time. Get ready for the return of chunky shoes (but better), dark hued makeup, lots of leather, and plaid – all the plaid! 

You don’t have to rock all these looks at one time, because you’d look like a Halloween character. But adding one or two elements will give you that bump of style that will keep your wardrobe looking fly. Fall 2014 is gonna be a good one for me. In the 90’s I was a teen. I finally figured out how I wanted to dress and my little summer jobs helped me finance my dreams. That’s why today’s #OOTD is so inspiring for me.

Be inspired by today’s Polyvore set and check out some of the photos I’ve pulled from Pinterest.

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